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Meet Jenni Winter-Leach, a UK leader in Mindset and Performance Coaching. 

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Your mind is a powerful tool. Harnessing it can be tricky but done properly the effects on your ridden performance could be amazing. Often the most difficult thing when dealing with negative feelings is taking the first positive step. Take control of your riding success by starting a cycle of positivity with Flying Changes Coaching today.

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At Flying Changes Coaching we use professional techniques, developed as the result of years of research. Our aim is to get your mind, body and horse working together as effectively and efficiently as possible.

By putting together bespoke packages to help, support and encourage you we can work to move you on from any accidents or negative experiences, anxiety or general lack of confidence that may be holding you back.

The world of competitive sport has changed in recent years. In their pursuit of success, athletes across all disciplines are now beginning to understand the need to train their minds as well as their bodies. We believe that proactive mind set coaching is just as important as your ridden training. Understanding what allows you to perform at your best and how to replicate that whenever you need to is very powerful.


The Equestrian Development & Empowerment Network is a place built to empower 1 million riders across the globe by creating a truly supportive community where you can reach your true potential, achieve peak performance and be at your best – whatever that is.


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“Jenni has really helped both my performance anxiety and general confidence!! I cannot recommend Flying Changes Coaching enough!!”

Becki Holmes

“I highly recommend Jenni and her fantastic team of coaches for their postive and supportive methods and way of thinking.”

Tina Delicata