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“How To Permanently Overcome Fear And Anxiety In Horse Riding – Without More Hours In The Saddle Or A “Mind Over Matter” Mentality”

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Your mind is a powerful tool. Harnessing it can be tricky but done properly the effects on your ridden performance are amazing. Often the most difficult thing when dealing with negative feelings is taking the first positive step. Take control of your riding success by starting a cycle of positivity with Flying Changes Mindset today.

MY NEW BOOK: “Dream It. Do It. Love It.” 

The first official Flying Changes Mindset book is here. It has already been hugely popular, receiving multiple 5-star reviews!

This book will show you how you can dream it, do it, and love it, and how you can overcome riding mindset challenges away from the saddle.

Dream It. Do It. Love It. - The Flying Changes Mindset Official book by Jenni Winter-Leach

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Meet Jenni Winter-Leach, a UK leader in Mindset and Performance Coaching.

“I joined Mastermind (now part of The Rider Mindset Accelerator) after taking part in a three day Achieving in Adversity challenge. When I joined the challenge I was very despondent and had no support and felt the weight of the world, thinking everything I had longed for was disappearing. After the three day challenge, I realised actually I could take more control and change things for the better myself. I wanted more knowledge and help and signed up to Mastermind. It has changed my life!

I am out of my comfort zone at a lot but learning so much about how to control myself and reach my goals and not just in the horse world. After a live session, where we were put in groups, completely out of my comfort zone, we talked about our values. My eyes were opened and I have made a major life change because of this. My horsey goals are back on track, my financial goals are now in my control and I am learning how to deal and react with other people better. I cannot thank Jenni and the support from the others within the group enough. It is truly life-changing!”

Jeni Ball

“I came to Jenni with a very specific issue I was having in my mind during showjumping, and she dealt with the issue brilliantly. The visualisation tools she has given me have been so helpful, I’m now looking forward to showjumping, instead of dreading it. Highly recommend Jenni, she is very professional and keeps things fun at the same time. Thank you, Jenni!”


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