1:1 Coaching

Bring about powerful change

We understand that everyone has different needs, wants and desires when considering the coaching services that we offer. By taking the time to really get to know our clients we have successfully developed bespoke packages, delivered effective techniques and enjoyed outstanding results with a wide range of clients in all levels of equestrian sport.  
When you choose to work with us we will provide you with the tools to enable you to:

  • Become laser focused on what you want and how to go and get it!
  • Really get to understand your own mental patterns & how they help or hinder you.
  • Create your own methods to overcome any obstacles or challenges that may threaten your long and short term goals.
  • Learn how to spot and stop anything that may threaten to push you off course.

The tools that we will provide you with apply much more widely than simply to you when you are riding, they become applicable to every area of your life very often because of the sub-conscious connections your mind has made. By working with Flying Changes Coaching we are convinced you will notice the positive changes in your life as a whole. 

Packages On Offer With Flying Changes Coaching

Each one of our detailed packages can be adapted and changed to precisely fit your needs and by offering complete flexibility you will always benefit from exactly what you need, precisely when you need it. 

Flying Changes Packages all include:

  • FREE one to one 30 minute discovery phone call – the opportunity for you to talk openly and in confidence about your goals, challenges and coaching needs.
  • Video or phone (Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom options) coaching sessions
  • Individually tailored sessions
  • Extensive support from a fully qualified, experienced Coach.

Spaces on our coaching programmes are limited to allow us to offer the time and commitment required to help you become the very best version of you possible.  
​Packages start at just £348 ​ – payment plans are available.

Have You Considered E.D.E.N?

By joining our exclusive new Equestrian Development and Empowerment Network you will get group access to Jenni PLUS all of these coaching benefits.

flying changes intensive package

What’s Included in our Intensive Package?


Is there one thing that fills you with fear when it comes to riding? Have you had an experience that has dented your confidence?

We can help you to get to grips with what is behind your fear and to remove the mental barriers that are stopping you and your horse progressing.

For smaller bite-size goals or a blip in confidence/performance your package includes:

  • 4 weeks of one to one tailored support  (4 Video sessions)
  • Exercises to go away and do in between sessions
  • Access to coaching worksheets and other resources.

What’s Included in our Winning Formula Package?

Would you like to swap the blue rosettes for the red? Do you feel you lack the winning edge?

Flying Changes Coaching can help you to discover exactly how to reach your dreams, win those rosettes and feel amazing while you do it.

Using our unique coaching methodology, we will work together to challenge and break down any mental blocks and limiting beliefs instead replacing these with self-belief, confidence and relaxation.

To uncover your own Winning Formula you get:

  • 6 months of one to one tailored support  (typically 6- 8  Skype sessions)
  • Full text / email support with Jenni anytime
  • Coaching worksheets and access to other resources.


flying changes intensive package
flying changes intensive package

What’s Included in our Premier Transformation Package?

This truly transformational package for you and your horse, embodies the three fundamental elements of our coaching methodology; Mind, Body and Horse.

By working with both your conscious and unconscious minds, we can alter any old fear responses and replace them with new positive responses and strategies that you would like instead. We look at how your mind and body may be affecting your performance and find ways of adjusting it so you are able to perform at your very best, every time!

By looking closely at the positive strategies you already adopt both specifically in your riding and in other areas of your life, we can help you to develop long lasting tools that will ensure you remain confident in any scenario whether in or out of the saddle.

As part of this transformative self-development package you get:

  • 1 whole year (12 months) of one to one tailored support (typically around 12 – 14 sessions)
  • Focus on whatever areas you need the most and flex this throughout the package (competition performance, business performance, sponsorship/owners and even your coaching skills if you are a coach yourself)
  • Full text / email support with Jenni anytime
  • Coaching worksheets and access to other resources
  • PLUS bonus of a ONE DAY INTENSIVE Coaching day with Jenni in person at your home/yard or place mutually convenient


“Without Jenni, I would have thrown in the towel and given up riding as I felt I had no chance of getting over my nerves. Now I’m having the time of my life and enjoying every minute!”