Achieve E.D.E.N

When you attend The Achieve E.D.E.N Success Academy, you’ll learn about and implement The E.D.E.N Blueprint™ into both your riding and life, so you are able to understand your own mind, the minds of others and how to harness it to get the success you want – in whatever discipline or level you desire.

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What’s It All About?

Over an incredible 3 days, you’ll be taught by Jenni Winter-Leach how to understand and change your mindset, piece by piece.

Each time you learn a new mindset tool or strategy, you will be guided into an exercise. Each exercise is supported by Jenni and the E.D.E.N Team who will work with you to support you as you need it.

In this totally unmounted workshop, you get the chance to ask questions, share your own discoveries and get support from an open minded group of riders and coaches. It is also the foundation level that is required for you to attend if you want to become an Accredited or Licenced E.D.E.N Coach yourself. 

More details about how you can do this will be explained to you during the 3 days. There is a full training course and plan set out for 2021 with exciting options for both Riders and Coaches. 

With this 3 day LIVE workshop you get:

  • Time away from it all to Immerse yourself and Implement my incredibly powerful new E.D.E.N Blueprint
  • Taught by Jenni – exclusively
  • Trained coaches on hand to support you through each part of your learning plus  world class feedback
  • Your Questions answered LIVE
  • Practical Implementation of the tools and techniques for yourself
  • Experiential learning and reflection time
  • Small group environment
  • Take your first step in becoming trained and licensed FCC coach yourself – if this is something you want to do. 

A Break Down Of Each Day

Day 1

Starting with the Stress Free Clarity Creator™, you will find out where you are now, what is important to you about (and in) your riding, what motivates and demotivates you and what thinking holds you back. 

Day 2

Learn all about The Ultimate Habits Transformer™ so that you can identify the patterns of thoughts and behaviours that are both hindering and helping you to achieve the success you desire. You will experience ways to make lasting changes the these patterns of thoughts and breakthrough some of the hold habits that have been holding you back until now.

Day 3

Now you have moved past some of the barriers in your way, you can understand your real dreams and desires, how to make them achievable and what mechanisms you need to put in place to begin the journey. Using the Powerful Performance Paradigm™ and the Kick Start your Triumphs Triad™ you will go away with a clear direction, a plan of action and some steps to make a start in getting there.