Individual Coaching Online Booking Form

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Coaching Agreement

Client Statement:
I have sufficient information about confidence and performance coaching and have agreed to undertake the agreed number of sessions in my chosen package to address key issues.

I am committed to taking positive action to make improvements and to meeting the goals I identify as necessary to do this. I am committed to being as open and honest as necessary in order to work with my coach towards achieving my goals. I will make every effort to remain positive about what I have and what I will achieve.

Fees Agreed fees will be paid in advance or in monthly instalments, whichever has been agreed. If I need to re-arrange any appointments, I will ensure that I give at least 48 hours’ notice. I understand that I have 14 days to cancel from the date completing this Booking Form. After that period I am liable to pay the full amount due for the coaching package.

Ground rules:
1. As the client I understand that I am fully responsible for the decisions and choices reached during coaching sessions.

2. I understand that ‘’coaching’’ is a relationship I have with my coach that is designed to facilitate the development of personal or professional wellbeing and develop a plan/ strategy for achieving those goals.

3. I understand that coaching is a comprehensive process, which may involve all areas of my life including work, family, health, relationships, education and recreation. I acknowledge that deciding how to handle any issues is my responsibility.

4. I understand that coaching is not a substitute for medical treatment, mental health care or substance abuse treatment and have consulted a medical professional for any health concerns I may have.

5. I promise to inform my coach if I am currently in any kind of therapy and that any medical or therapeutic practitioners involved in my care have been advised of my intention to work with a coach

6. I agree to commit to a course of coaching sessions to facilitate the required change. I understand that if I am not satisfied with my progress during this time and wish to cancel my remaining sessions and will discuss this immediately with my coach and who will decide on the course of action to be taken in accordance with these terms and conditions.