E.D.E.N Group Membership

Do you often feel alone, fearful, or caught up in your own thoughts when working hard towards your goals?

Bringing a feeling of team in an often lonely sport, the Equestrian Development and Empowerment Network is there for you in the inevitable ups and downs of life. Through mindset education and a truly supportive community, we support each other to create your own EDEN with your horse.


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What you find in E.D.E.N

  • Monthly peak performance support group video sessions (with Jenni & other experts)
  • 24/7 access to the E.D.E.N online community
  • E.D.E.N Blueprint online learning access & exercises
  • Live Q&As with equestrian experts
  • Exclusive products & discounts
  • Access to other experts within group.
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How does it work?

The E.D.E.N Blueprint is the unique method through which Jenni works with her clients to accelerate their success and harness their secret weapon, the mind.

Developed to specifically support equestrians, as part of your membership to E.D.E.N you have exclusive access to an online learning programme that guides you through this 5 step process with the added support of the group, live interviews and peak performance clinics.

“I’ve found the EDEN Blueprint to be a total eye opener! I thought I would just get some tools and techniques to overcome competition nerves, but actually I got a real window into myself, why I ride, what motivates me, what gets in my way and how to overcome them. I’ve actually worked out why I compete and now I’m not simply focused on the results, I actually enjoy the whole experience and if I get a frilly then that’s just the cherry on top!”


The E.D.E.N impact

  • Broaden your knowledge, harness the power of your mind and take action.
  • Feel empowered to take the path you truly WANT to with your horses. Grow in confidence and remove the blockers that prevent you taking action.
  • Turn your dreams and wishes into clear, achievable goals with an action plan for success.
  • Be part of E.D.E.N online community, keeping each other accountable and creating a genuinely supportive network of equestrians.
  • The E.D.E.N Blueprint gives you exclusive access to the highly successful and proven methods of Jenni Winter-Leach and teaches you how to apply them to your own challenges.
  • Be consistently inspired by Q&As with equestrian industry experts who share their knowledge and experience with the E.D.E.N group.
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“Jenni has helped me with my mindset aimed at various areas of my riding, competing and business as a dressage trainer and yard owner. I’ve had a difficult time recently due to bad help and was struggling to manage all areas of my career and give myself time to get better! But as ever Jenni took the time to allow myself to clarify in my own mind what was important now and where my priorities lay. She then helped me structure plans to reduce any anxiety if been feeling. I am already feeling the benefits and can’t wait to get back out competing as normal. I’ll definitely be ringing Jenni to help with my competition planning!!”