Equestrian Development & Empowerment Network

Welcome To E.D.E.N. The brainchild of Jenni Winter Leach. It is a place built to empower 1 million riders across the globe by creating a truly supportive community where you can reach your true potential, achieve peak performance and be at your best – whatever that is. It is time to harness the most powerful tool you have, your mind.

As riders we can often feel stuck or fearful, it is easy to get caught up in our own thoughts when building a partnership with our horses. Bringing a feeling of team in an often lonely sport, our network will stand by you (its members) in the inevitable ups and downs of life – supporting you to create your own EDEN with your horse/s.

The E.D.E.N Blueprint has been developed by Jenni to help equestrians of all levels overcome the barriers that we all face. Being part of E.D.E.N gives you “unbridled” access to the Blueprint, including a fully tested for success online course as well as many other fantastic opportunities to learn more about Mindset and other Equestrian Development areas.

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What Is E.D.E.N All About?

At its heart E.D.E.N is a community. From professional riders to complementary therapists and those who simply ride for pleasure, E.D.E.N is an international collective of equestrians who are invested in their growth.

The Blueprint formulates the basis of your journey but the weekly live sessions, extra content and expert support is what makes E.D.E.N such a special place.

The E.D.E.N Blueprint

The E.D.E.N Blueprint is the unique method through which Jenni works with her clients to accelerate their success and harness their secret weapon, the mind. Developed to specifically support equestrians, as part of your membership to E.D.E.N you will have exclusive access to an online learning programme that guides you through this 5 step process with the added support of the group and live sessions.

Where It Began

E.D.E.N has evolved from Jenni’s work with riders across the world. Helping them to understand and overcome the barriers they face. Her background as an NLP Master Trainer equips Jenni to support riders of all levels. As an amateur rider herself, she knows first hand the struggles we often face. Whilst these challenges may not be avoidable, Jenni works with riders to give them the tools they need to progress successfully through these situations. The Equestrian Development & Empowerment Network has grown organically from her alumni, as they continue to support each other.

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Ambassadors & Mentors

When you join E.D.E.N you will “meet” our Ambassadors & Mentors; these are experienced and carefully selected members who work closely with Jenni on a one to one basis. These members will be there to offer extra support and are a key part of the E.D.E.N community. 

Want to become an E.D.E.N Ambassador?

Apply now and download all the information you need to know on becoming an ambassador.

The E.D.E.N Journey


Jenni has helped me with my mindset aimed at various areas of my riding, competing and business as a dressage trainer and yard owner. I’ve had a difficult time recently due to bad help and was struggling to manage all areas of my career and give myself time to get better! But as ever Jenni took the time to allow myself to clarify in my own mind what was important now and where my priorities lay. She then helped me structure plans to reduce any anxiety if been feeling. I am already feeling the benefits and can’t wait to get back out competing as normal. I’ll definitely be ringing Jenni to help with my competition planning!!”