Welcome to E.D.E.N

Welcome To E.D.E.N. The brainchild of Jenni Winter-Leach. It is a place built to empower 1 million riders across the globe by creating a truly supportive community where you can reach your true potential, achieve peak performance and be at your best – whatever that is. It is time to harness the most powerful tool you have, your mind.

At its heart E.D.E.N is a community. From professional riders to complementary therapists and those who ride for pleasure, E.D.E.N is an international collective of equestrians who are invested in their growth.

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Find your E.D.E.N


E.D.E.N Group

Join the community and learn online with the support of like-minded equestrians. With exclusive access to Jenni and other experts.

E.D.E.N Mastermind

Level up your mindset and take action.  If you’re a serious rider and you’re ready to accelerate your progress in 90 days, this is for you. 

E.D.E.N Licensed Coaching

Have you completed E.D.E.N Mastermind and you’re looking for the next step? Share your knowledge by becoming an E.D.E.N licensed coach.

Ambassadors & Mentors

When you join E.D.E.N you will “meet” our Ambassadors & Mentors; these are experienced and carefully selected members who work closely with Jenni on a one to one basis. These members will be there to offer extra support and are a key part of the E.D.E.N community. 

“I joined E.D.E.N after taking part in a three day Achieving in Adversity course. When I joined the free course I was very despondent and had no support and felt the weight of the world, thinking everything I had longed for was disappearing. After the three day course, I realised actually I could take more control and change things for the better myself. I wanted more knowledge and help and signed up to E.D.E.N. It has changed my life!

I am out of my comfort zone at a lot but learning so much about how to control myself and reach my goals and not just in the horse world. After a live session, where we were put in groups, completely out of my comfort zone, we talked about our values. My eyes were opened and I have made a major life change because of this. My horsey goals are back on track, my financial goals are now in my control and I am learning how to deal and react with other people better. I cannot thank Jenni and the support from the others within the group enough. It is truly life-changing!”

Jeni Ball