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Various 5 page feature articles published by Horse Magazine  & many other articles  published with me as their Confidence Expert.


A couple of articles for popular and well known equestrian magazine Horse & Hound: 

5 Ways To Improve Your Riding  >  Read Here

Bursting Into Song & 5 Other Ways To Beat Riding Nerves  >  Read Here

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I have been a key speaker at HOYS as part of their Learning Zone.

The Pony Podcast: How To Have A Laugh In Lockdown  >  Listen Here

16th Oct 2017 – Train Your Brain For Success > >  Listen Here

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What Is A Growth Mindset?

How willing are you to try new things and potentially "fail" or "get it wrong"? Or are you happy to give it a try and maybe learn something from the experience? The answers to these two questions are a good indicator of your mindset - Fixed or Growth oriented. Of...

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The Fixed Mindset

A “Fixed Mindset” sounds pretty final and I expect you would certainly never want to admit that you might have one, right? Here’s the thing…. A Mindset is not an identity, it’s not who you are and even better it’s totally changeable! But in order to change it, you...

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How Do I Discover My Mindset?

​If you’ve read part 1 and 2 of this blog all about Growth vs Fixed Mindsets then you will now understand the difference between the two. Great! But… the thing about mindset is that it’s all very well talking about it and saying “you should have this one or think that...

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How Do I Change My Mindset?

How to Change Your Mindset... 3 Simple Steps! Ok, now I know that maybe I’ve got a bit of a fixed mindset sometimes and actually its holding me back! So I’d really like to change that and start actually achieving the success I want. How on earth do I do it??? ​ If...

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