E.D.E.N Inner Circle

You’ve already completed Mastermind, which is no easy task, and proven you can take on a challenge.

But you crave more for yourself!

It’s becoming increasingly important to you that your circle stays energised; filled with action-takers that will inspire you to rise up too.

Wave goodbye to the negativity and ego that is prevalent in the equine community (you see past it anyway).

Are you ready to step into our circle?

Flying Chances Mindset Community Members

What’s it all about?

Inner Circle is the next level of the E.D.E.N Mastermind Program. It is a high-level, small-group experience designed for riders like you who are dedicated to making this year your biggest and best yet.

With even more mindset tools, group accountability, and 1-2-1 sessions with Jenni at your disposal, you’ll achieve those breakthroughs. Plus there is the In-Person Retreat where time away from home allows bigger transformations to happen.

This is about helping you advance your riding and create a life that fulfils all your desires!

Maybe you know exactly what you have to do but find yourself “stuck” in your own thoughts and habits, unable to take action. You may have realised that you’re the biggest roadblock in realising your dreams, with blindspots hindering your view of what is REALLY going on.

Then you need the eyes, ears, and minds of an expert and supportive group around you. But you already knew that…

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“Now is the best time to up your game, the next best time was yesterday!”

Ready to get started? Book your call with Jenni now!

What do you get?

  • Ongoing access to Mastermind plus deeper training 
  • Monthly sessions in your small group 
  • Monthly 1-2-1 sessions with Jenni
  • Free 1 Year Journal
  • Free Copy of Jenni’s Book – Dream it Do it Love it
  • Accountability and Troubleshooting
  • Work towards a set long term goal
  • Exclusive  4 Day Retreat in November
  • Share wins and receive support in our community
  • VIP Ticket to the Empowered Equestrians Event in March
  • Tester access to NEW courses and workshops
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