Licensed Coaches

At Flying Changes Mindset we are super excited to bring you a totally unique offering never seen before, specifically in the Equestrian Mindset Coaching sector.

This is your opportunity to become a qualified Licenced Coach with FCM and join our team of coaches to deliver 121 coaching and online group sessions as part of our existing and proven mindset coaching and training packages.

Or if you want you can simply use this to increase your own knowledge and skills (as a riding instructor/ coach, saddler, bodyworker, rehab specialist etc) and add it to your existing offering to support your clients mentally in the process, as one of our Approved Coaches.

Jenni Winter-Leach riding Sirius in a showing class

Krista Jones - Licensed Coach

Licensed Coach Programme

At FCM we have been helping riders for nearly a decade and have discovered over the years that there are many people who would also love to help other riders to overcome fears, gain in confidence and achieve their goals. However, there are barely any equestrian mindset specific courses available that allow you to actually train in proven methodologies that facilitate this. Courses that are available are either very generic to sport psychology (performance focused), are aimed purely at riding skills coaching or don’t actually tackle the unique causes or issues that riders have around fear and confidence both in and out of the saddle. So we decided to do something about it! 

This innovative and unique online program is delivered by a team of world class trainers and coaches with expertise in rider mindset, fear and confidence, communication and elite level coaching. Our team of trainers have backgrounds in the highest levels of coaching, training and delivery with real life experience in human development, corporate training and equestrian mindset sectors.

Our Mission

“To help every rider and horse be in a happy and confident partnership”

This program is designed to support you to increase your skills and knowledge around rider mindset, fears, trauma release, neurological -programming, communication and high class coaching so that you too can support us on our mission.

We believe the quality of our equine partnerships can greatly increase with a wider understanding of how our brains affect our ability to ride to our best and support our horses as well.

In order to deliver our training and coaching programs far and wide globally we are training and recruiting our own highly skilled coaches to assist us.

4 Training Modules

NLP Certification

Find out how your internal unconscious filters determine your focus, behaviour and therefore your results and how to identify where the problems are. Once you really understand the problem, you will know how to apply fast, effective, proven techniques from practical psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to change thought processes effectively and naturally to create new strategies that really work for yourself and others.

Becoming a Highly Skilled Coach

Gain a thorough understanding of what it is to be a great personal coach and learn all of the world class practical tools and techniques as well as the necessary theories you will put into place when coaching and supporting others. 

FCM Program understanding

Get to know the FCM programs inside out so that you can support others with their learning or use the theories in your own coaching.

Self Reflection, Coaching Supervision & Practice

Understand and practice the practical and tactical skills of coaching as well as the necessary elements to self reflect, analyse and improve on your effectiveness.

    Future and Return on Investment 

    If you choose to become a FCM Licenced Coach (and pass the required assessments) then you can join our team of coaches who will be providing 121 online coaching support to our clients undertaking our FCM programs. This will be a paid coaching contract and can be flexible around your time and diary. You will get the say in how many (max) clients you take on and liaise directly with them to book in sessions (using our online tools). The best part of this is that you do not have to spend time, money and effort setting up your own business to attract your ideal clients – we do all that bit for you!

    The FCM brand is well known and respected in the industry with a steady stream of new clients coming through the door, highly recommended and effective programs and tried and tested methodologies. This means you simply need to deliver the 121 sessions to support clients in existing programs. It’s perfect to fit alongside an existing job or business and you can help grow to whatever size you like. As the community of coaches and clients grows, so will the opportunities for community events, learning, fun activities and more! You will need to attend a set amount of CPD and pay a small yearly fee in order to continue to be an FCM Licenced Coach but of course you will get all this back in spades as part of our team!

    If you don’t want to be one of our team of Licenced Coaches but you do want to add your new found skills into your own riding instructor/ coach, saddler, bodyworker, rehab specialist etc role then by becoming one of our Approved Coaches you will be able to easily attract more of your own ideal clients and help them even more to overcome fears, feel more confident and perform at their best too. To continue to be Approved then you will need to complete a set amount of CPD each year. These will be offered as a variety of online and in person options.


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