E.D.E.N Licensed Coach

Are you an equine professional or rider who wants to empower your clients to harness the power of their mind and accelerate their progress through truly integrated support?

You have excelled during the 90-day Mastermind Programme and you want not only a recognised qualification but to be confident to share your new knowledge and techniques.

Jenni Winter-Leach riding Sirius in a showing class

Krista Jones - EDEN Licensed Coach

Licensed Coach Programme

This programme is perfect for enlightened equestrians like you who are looking to improve your skills, learn more and maybe even help your clients to do even better with their horses. It’s the perfect way to learn more about a hot topic right now – Mindset.

Would you like to – attract more clients, charge what you are really worth for your services, have an adverse weather or injury plan to maintain income anytime (maybe even in a pandemic)? And, as you grow older or maybe can’t coach in the field anymore due to injury or illness, you can use this expertise to work from home providing consultancy/training services.

If any of this sounds familiar then this is a programme that really helps you to support yourself and your clients to improve and overcome what you or they are currently stuck with – Are they perhaps ploughing lots of time, effort, money and energy into riding but find it too challenging, unfulfilling and ultimately not worth the investment?

Benefits for you and your clients

  • Gain a real sense of progression and understand how to get “in flow” when both training and competing and able to deal with unexpected things without falling apart.
  • Feel empowered to repeat in competition what is being done in training in order to perform at the highest potential, qualify for chosen championships and to even get placed when competing.
  • Clearly define and know exactly how to achieve goals – big and small and to feel confident in ability and can actually go and make it happen.
  • Feel happy and enjoy the hobby that we love and pour lots of time and money into.
  • Become a qualified NLP practitioner.

    The licensed coach programme is designed for E.D.E.N members who have completed a 90 Day Mastermind..

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