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The lady behind the UK’s top Equestrian Mindset & Performance Coaching & Training Company – Flying Changes Coaching. 

Nurturing individuals and their talent has always been at the heart of Jenni Winter-Leach’s professional life. After enjoying a successful corporate career as a Global Consultant for a Talent Management firm, Jenni felt the need to combine her love for the equestrian world and her ability as a Talent Coach. This led her to develop and now run one of the UK’s top Equestrian Mindset & Performance Coaching & Training Companies – Flying Changes Coaching. 

As an International Master Mindset and Performance Psychology Coach, Trainer & Award Winning Professional Speaker, Jenni trains riders at ALL levels of equestrian sport to develop their mental performance and create real and lasting impact on their results. Jenni also coaches and supports Instructors and Trainers to continue delivering her methods after she has left.

Using unique methods developed as a result of years of training & experience and an extensive toolkit of proven strategies, Jenni has helped many riders improve their mental strength, overcome fears, perform at their very best and consistently achieve improved results. By flexibly adapting her coaching programmes to suit their bespoke needs, Jenni is able to ensure that every individual she works with achieves their own unique goals in an efficient, effective and sustainable way.  

Whether your aims are Grass Roots or Grand Prix, Jenni has the tools to help you achieve them!   

A Unique Methodology…

At Flying Changes Coaching we use professional techniques, developed as the result of years of research. Our aim is to get your mind, body and horse working together as effectively and efficiently as possible.

By putting together bespoke packages to help, support and encourage you we can work to move you on from any accidents or negative experiences, anxiety or general lack of confidence that may be holding you back.

The world of competitive sport has changed in recent years. In their pursuit of success, athletes across all disciplines are now beginning to understand the need to train their minds as well as their bodies. We believe that proactive mind set coaching is just as important as your ridden training. Understanding what allows you to perform at your best and how to replicate that whenever you need to is very powerful.

meet Jenni winter leach

My Story

Everyone’s story is different. Here is mine…

I left the corporate world and my role as a Global Talent Management Consultant because my desire to work as a full time Mindset and Performance Psychology Coach & Trainer became so overwhelming that I simply had to do it.

The profound changes that I have experienced when working with people and horses were too strong to only undertake part time!

A lifelong passion fulfilled

Ever since I was a small child I had a passion for horses, but no one knew where it had come from. No one in my family was into horses and it was something that was driven entirely be me.

After years of pestering, my parents finally gave in and bought me a riding lesson at the age of 7. That was the beginning of a life long journey that has created many exciting opportunities and lead me to where I am today…

At an early age I made the decision to study business and to keep horses as a hobby, as I had a strong belief that there was “no career for me with horses”. How wrong I was!

So I went to Bournemouth University and completed a BA Hons in Retail Management gaining a 2:1.

I also learnt all about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), delivered lots of soft skills training to students and took some time out to coach horse riding in the USA at a Summer Camp.

I continued to ride throughout University and bought my first horse as soon as I graduated. It was then that I started to compete and understand the challenges involved in competing and having the confidence keep going even with set backs.

On graduation, I became a Customer Project Manager, in a global market leading telecoms company.

There I led large and small teams delivering projects from hardware upgrades, software design and high visibility global trials of new technologies (4G) for the world’s largest network operators.

I handled huge multi million £ budgets and teams in various countries. I still had a desire to work with people development and so I moved into Talent Management after a few years.

This is when I also trained and qualified to be an Equine Assisted Coach (outside of work).

Authenticity is greater than the high life

Talent Management is a fascinating area. It is all about attracting, retaining and developing the best people to meet the future needs of the company. I gained a great education in behavioural evaluation, performance management, development of leaders, strategy design and change management.

I traveled the world, completed many different development programmes and was considered a Rapid High Potential heading for a Global Executive position in the future. Whilst I also created the Young Talent Development Strategy for the company, I had another great period of insight.

Career coaching was key for motivated and successful high potentials. Exploring what was authentic to them and what they really wanted to achieve was vital. I was a young high flyer in the corporate world but it wasn’t authentic for me and I had sacrificed my health, time with my family and my passion – competing in dressage with my horse.

I realised that living this inauthentic life was draining my energy rapidly and something had to give.

Having trained as an Equine Assisted Coach I decided to use this amazing technique to work out what I wanted. It was actually really obvious now I look back – I wanted to work with horses and people and effect positive change!

So I set about working with my EAC trainer and we worked through all of the “really good reasons” why I “just couldn’t leave the corporate world”! For me it was mostly about the early belief that there was “no career for me with horses” and that there was no money to be made.

So the thought of leaving the pay packet of my corporate role was just too scary to manage. With the right support and coaching I worked out my own way to start to cut the ties I had with the money and find a way I could make it work for me to earn a living, and achieve my own definition of success!

Now I help people to work out what your purpose in life is and how to achieve it. It may be big or small for you, but it’s important that you fuel your mind and body to be at your best.

My background with horses

Over the years I have had many ups and downs with horses and my confidence has come and gone with different aspects of riding and horse care. There was a time when the though of hacking out filled me with crippling fear – I learnt how to overcome this.

I have experienced the power of mindset coaching myself and I’m now reaping the rewards! I understand that every horse lover has a unique dream and it depends on the experiences you have and the level which you are at.

As a leisure rider who competes in Affiliated Disciplines and with a British Riding Club (but who also coaches professional riders at the very highest levels – including International 5* Eventing, Grand Prix Dressage and SJ), I have a very good empathy with all riders and your passion for horses.I also have years of competition experience at lower levels and can appreciate the stress and anxiety that any aspect of riding or horse care can bring and just how to move through this.

I own 2 horses myself and over the years have competed in BD, BE and BRC Competitions in all disciplines and attended various Championships as well as doing some Affiliated Showing, Side Saddle and Hunting and of course frequent hacking out, camps and lots of training!

My current competition horse (Sirius Black – 17.1hh ISH) and I are enjoying a varied life in most affiliated and unaffiliated disciplines. 

All of this gives me the empathetic approach to coaching that is so crucial. I am able to understand you and help you, with compassion, to work towards your dreams.

Everyone’s story is different. To a horse you are another being. They don’t know your story, so you can really be yourself!

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Jenni’s Credentials

Want to know what makes me the perfect partner for you? As well as being an Association of NLP Trainer Member I have also had a number of pieces of work published (read more in the Hub) and have worked with the UK’s leading equestrian organisations to deliver CPD.

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