While horse riding may be a hobby for some, it is also a lifestyle. Many hours get spent on and with the horse, so it is important that it is fun. That you are enjoying it. After all, blood, sweat and tears will get put into this hobby, so you need to be enjoying it. Otherwise, what is the point?

So before planning anything with yourself, ask yourself: do I find this fun?

Only you can answer that question. What others may consider to be fun, could be your idea of a nightmare. But by choosing to do something that you enjoy, you will likely be much happier, and more confident. Confidence falls down to knowing what you enjoy. The more you enjoy something, the more confident you will be.

This is because what you find fun will fall within your comfort zone. But by doing activities that you enjoy, you may find yourself more prepared to push out of your comfort zone, to aim for an activity that you know you will enjoy. As there is so much fun to be had outside of your comfort zone. And you will work out the steps you want to take to get there and work towards it. You’ll have the confidence to try.

So ask yourself this, what is your idea of fun?

Knowing what you enjoy will guide you in what you will be most successful in. Because the enjoyment will shine through.

Ask yourself this when you’re looking at your goals, when you’re looking at what you want to be doing. Before setting the goal, ask yourself “what did I enjoy doing?”. What does this tell you?

Was it the social aspect you enjoyed?
Maybe you particularly enjoyed working on a specific discipline or activity?
Or you enjoyed the preparation or getting to visit new places?
Was it about the adrenaline rush?
Did you enjoy pushing yourself and going to the next level?
Did you enjoy trying something new?

Start thinking about this before you set your goals. What does enjoying something mean for you? Remember, fun with your horse doesn’t have to be competitive (although it is fine if it is). Having fun with your horse doesn’t have to be doing activities that all of your friends are doing either.

That said, if you want to achieve something that you know is going to be fun, you might have to get over some challenges. You might have to work through something. The big question here is are you prepared to do that? At the end, can you see the fun? Are you doing this because you feel you have to, or because you want to?

So this is your reminder to find the fun. Find what you enjoy and set any goals around that!