Flying Changes Mentors & Ambassadors

I am very proud to have these incredible equestrians as part of the team of Ambassadors and Sponsored Riders…

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Jayne Turney

Jayne is a a professional Dressage rider. She has competed up to International small tour level and has 2 rides working towards Grand Prix and some lovely young ones to hopefully follow in their footsteps!! Her career highs so far are winning the Elite Stallions PSG Championship at Hartpury Festival Of Dressage in 2019 riding David and Shirley Rixons Penhaligons Jupiter and also winning the Magic PSG at the rescheduled Winter Championships earlier this year riding her own 14.2hh pony, Cruz.

“2 years ago I was really struggling to find a balance with running a yard/ riding and teaching freelance and still trying to concentrate on my riding and competing!! Jenni was amazing. She helped me to really look what I was doing from a business perspective, let’s just say that the numbers definitely didn’t add up and I needed to make a change!! With Jenni’s help I was able to make the tough decision to give up the yard and go back to freelance work! Best move I made!! Since then, I haven’t looked back!! With the continued support from Jenni, I am slowly learning to make my business work for me, so that I can train and follow my competition dreams.”

Natasha Swales

Natasha is a Show Jumper who is best know for documenting her trials and tribulations with her mare Mary on social media. Natasha is commited to being. thevery best horsewoman she can. beand takes all the opportunites that life throws at her. 

Jo Alderton Whitworth

Jo is a Para Coach, International Groom & Horse Trainer. Her underlying Ethos is “enabling others to find the tools they need to be the best they can be through building a strong and authentic team”. She has a busy life in Herefordshire with her young family alongside running a yard with her mum and team. Redbrook Farm is a beautiful base for clinics with other like-minded professionals enabling them to build and strengthen their skillset (as well as offering therapeutic riding).

“I have several new business ventures that I’ve only become confident enough to pursue since becoming an FCC Ambassador in Jan 2019. As a member of TeamFCC supporting me through all aspects of my life, has clarified and improved my life in a way I cannot explain. I am developing my own business model called Systemic that encompasses my beliefs and values to creating both training systems and a clothing brand.”

Cassy Gadsby

Cassy is an equestrian coach, plaiting queen and Iberian enthusiast based in Cornwall.

“I joined the FCC team at the beginning of 2020 and am incredibly grateful as I don’t think I would have mentally survived 2020 without Jenni and the team. I struggle a lot with confidence issues and lack of self belief, which at times leads me to hide away from promoting myself, this then leads to a reduced workload and then I feel guilty for not bringing in the money. This has been a viscous cycle for years and it was really starting to affect my mental health. Jenni has helped me to clear my mental path so I am able to make the right choices for my personal life and my business. The FCC team have been amazing, we are from all different parts of the equine industry yet are able to aid others in the team with our own experiences. I feel wanted, needed and valuable for the first time in a long time and I do not want my FCC experience to come to an end. Thank you team.”

Nicky Allen

Nicky is a member of IRVAP and has a professional diploma in equine Physiotherapy and rehabilitation. She runs a livery yard with her husband John and provides schooling, rehabilitation and a range of livery services. Nicky competes her own homebred and produced horses. She is also a Mum, Step Mum and Step Granny (Gigi).

“My experience as a Flying Changes Ambassador has been life changing. 2020 has been a year we won’t forget, but for me I have grown exponentially. I have found a new family who will support me when needed and made some exceptional friends. I was lacking in confidence in what I thought was just my riding, not getting on and doing it but feeling not good enough and I lost the fun and enjoyment of going out competing. I’ve realised since working with Jenni this year that I was lacking confidence in everything in my life, my business, my social life and was generally trying to please everyone to the detriment of me. I would be too scared to speak to anyone when I was out putting up a barrier in case people came to talk to me , I had massive imposter syndrome in the warmup arena and was a shrinking violet in the corner. This led to me having rubbish results and reinforced my “not good enough “ feelings. Unfortunately all this led to my health deteriorating and earlier this year was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and IBS. Jenni has supported me through this and I’ve finally been able to say “I’m good “ and mean it when people said how are you . Jenni has given me the tools to change the way I deal with situations, techniques that I was sceptical of to start with but I put them in practice and they really work. I’m still a work in progress but I’ve just come back from a weekend competing and I really enjoyed myself. I had fun and felt I deserved the good results I got, neither of which I could have done this time last year. Thank you Flying Changes Coaching for an amazing journey.”

Krista Jones

Krista is an amateur dressage rider with a collection of horses in various stages of their careers. She runs a global barefoot rehabilitation programme which she is incredibly passionate about. The focus is returning horses with lower limb injuries back to work and educating professionals and owners about the importance of biomechanics and soundness.

“My main focus for the coming months is starting my young horse’s competition career and bringing my older mare back into work after surgery. I’ve owned my young horse since she was 3 weeks old and this journey has been incredibly special, even more so because I’ve been able to be present and enjoy every second. I am a very proud member of team FCC! I have been a Brand Ambassador since January 2019 and am part of the licensed coach programme. Working with FCC has been a game changer, my outlook on life has completely changed. I am the happiest I have ever been, even when times are tough I have the tools to process those times of stress.”

Emma Freeman

Emma is an amatuer rider who competes in Eventing and Showing as well as riding race horses.

“It’s been a weird year and I’ve not had many competitions to put in to practice everything I’ve worked on, nevertheless I’ve used the techniques Jenni has taught me in my training and also in my day to day life outside of horses. My results may not show any improvements per se however I have got to the bottom of some issues I had with corners, a rotational fall and some underlying fears I had been avoiding and have grown as a person as well as improving my mindset! However, for me, the best element of FCC is being part of a team of hugely knowledgable, like-minded, supportive and inspiring people. I haven’t personally met many of them but having a mentor and the whole FCC team alongside Jenni means there is always a valuable support network to call upon when needed.”

Jake Tarrant

Qualified BHSAI, BE Commentator & Established Event Rider (and hero to all),  Jake is head of operations at Team Little Bentley. This modest, un-assuming character has been based at Little Bentley for the past 14 years, and (to further prove his magnificence) built the yard himself, previously working as a groom for top competition yards and eventing up to intermediate level. He helps to coach the riders at Little Bentley and improve their performance, and, as the only member of the team with an HGV driving license, and not being stupid/brave enough to let any of the girls behind the wheel of the lorry, also acts as the driver when there are a large number of horses going competing! Jake is actively involved in the South East Equestrian community, not only regularly giving clinics through the Equi-Fun club and teaching privately, but is also on the committee for the South East Eventers League.

Abi Dean

Abi Dean is an up and coming event rider. With her £1 horse The Finding Nemo she has managed to beat all the odds, bringing him back from certain death to competing at Affiliated BE Novice and even beating some top names in the process! Her long term aim is to ride at Badminton CIC4* and Flying Changes is a vital part of her team to get her there!

Felicity Collins

Felicity is a 22yo professional event rider, having won bronze and gold medals at youth Europeans, and u21 national champion in 2017.

“I was put in touch with Jenni end of 2017, after having spoken to a mutual friend about my struggle with nerves and self belief pre competition. Jenni has been there through ups and downs, and has massively helped me with my mindset in a number of different situations. Her guidance spans far beyond just competition nerves and anxiety however; I have also learnt techniques from Jenni in relation to business and personal matters, which gave me a different perspective and helped me in areas I didn’t actually know I needed help in (but definitely did!). I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Jenni through my competition, business, and personal journeys, and look forward to seeing what I can achieve with her advice.”

Jodie Seddon

Jodie is a 4* international eventer and 2* international showjumper. Her company, Stonehill Sports Horses breeds & produces top class young sport horses together with Atte de Jong – their first 5yo was best British bred at the NEXGEN young event horse finals 2020. Jodie is also an ex city solicitor and is now partner at GunnerCooke LLP focussing on equestrian commercial matters.

“I have been working with Jenni since 2018; she has become a key part of my team. She has been instrumental in assisting me in transferring key skills from my career in the corporate world across to my career in the equestrian world, contributing to my success at 4* eventing and 2* showjumping. She has also supported me through the rollercoaster of starting up a small business, and in prioritising issues effectively to resolve them.

Nadia DiLuzio

Nadia is passionate about people and ponies; working as an HR Director, a Crisis Volunteer for Mental Health Charity SHOUT and training to be become a Counsellor and in future, a Coach. Because her working life can be full on, Nadia’s ponies are her “me time”.

“Erik, Dude and I, have a fun in the showring, we hack, we dressage, we love pole work clinics and camps and just enjoying ourselves! But it wasn’t always as easy as that sounds. I started out as a private client of Jenni’s almost 4 years ago and my first to her was after being stuck on a mounting block at a show, I physically couldn’t get off the block and onto the horse. It’s culminated in an incredible journey throughout which Team FCC have encouraged, cheered, picked me up, wiped tears and celebrated the small steps. At the end of 2019 we reached a return to the county show ring and won at Henley County and all I could shout out was ‘I rode past a fun fair, I rode past a fun fair’. The win was amazing but that journey from mounting block to fun fair – wow. Being part of Team FCC and flying the flag as an ambassador in 2020 has been an incredible journey of shared values, personal growth, learning and development and long may it continue. Thank you team.”

Amy Blount (Poore)

Amy is a UKCC Level 3 BD accredited coach, BHS Accredited Professional, National Development Programme in Coaching Excellence 18/19. BD Group 3 rider, and competed up to Inter I.

“I am a Dressage Rider and Coach, and have been working with FCC for nearly a year now. I have loved every minute of it. Jenni has been super supportive in not only helping recover and regain my confidence riding after my accident last year she has helped me shape my business for the future. Its allowed me to take control of my life, regain a work life balance, avoid burn out and of course most importantly have time to ride and compete! The FCC community is so supportive!!”

Emma Taylor

Emma is an amatuer rider who competes her purebred Spanish (PRE) stallion in showing and dressage. She also runs a business transforming business leaders through Equine Leadership Development with corporate clients.

“My desire to join Team FCC was to move forwards into 2020 and create an opportunity for me to step up and realise my full potential, supported and encouraged by a community of like-minded people. 2020 has been full of uncertainty and challenges and learning to trust and lean into the FCC Tribe during the highs and lows of the year has been hugely benefital. In addition to gaining clarity around key core values for me both a rider and person, and how that influences my choices, I was able to pivot and refocus on what was important for both Sparky and I, to focus my energy on our relationship on our journey is my main focus, and to be present and enjoy each step along the way. Challenging myself and working hard on eliminating areas of fixed mindset has allowed me to reach further than I would have dared hope. Our competition results have exceeded what I thought possible, including becoming the Champion of Champions at the Veteran Horse Society Championships, at our first attempt and winning Virtual Royal Windsor, and trailblazing the way for Foreign Breed/Iberians in the UK Showing world. Sparky & I are delighted to be an ongoing part of Team FCC next year!”