​Read the success stories from my very happy clients!

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A. Ford

Just want to share something with you quickly. My mind has been suspiciously quiet, considering it normally chatters away like a pet parrot! I rode Cid yesterday, without stirrups, when he decided it would be fun to do a pretend “spook” at the birds in the hedge. My stomach lurched at the movement and then out of nowhere this little voice piped up: “come on, that didn’t even move your seat! Happy, fun, relaxed! Wasn’t that little spook fun!” So obviously my mind has been churning things over! Can’t wait to do the next session!


“I started my journey with Jenni last year to work through some confidence issues I was experiencing with my horse who’d just had kissing spines surgery, little did I know how much our sessions would change my mindset and outlook on life!  Nine months later, I’m stronger, more confident, yes I still have wobbles but I’m working on it! I have made some big changes to my journey going forwards and can honestly say for the first time in ages life feels good.  Thank you Jenni for helping me on this journey and for all your support.”

K. Hamilton

I have been working with Jenni for about a month, after her being recommended to me as someone who could help me with my show jumping demons. I signed up for her 6 month ‘Winning Focus’ programme, bundled with the ‘Mindset Reset’ online course. This represented a significant investment for me, but I felt stuck in a rut and had realised I wasn’t enjoying competing much anymore. Right from our initial chat I felt more positive and empowered to change. I found it very easy to develop a rapport with Jenni straight away, enabling me to be completely honest with her (and myself). Jenni doesn’t represent a quick fix, but rather a deep dive into why we feel and behave in the way we do, and what bits of that we keep and refine, and which bits we re-programme. The one to one work is beautifully complemented by the online course, which also provides access to a community of like-minded people on similar journeys. I expected to get help and tools to deal with my show jumping performance, but the work I am doing with Jenni is impacting every aspect of my life for the better, from relationships with family to managing tough situations at work and is having a big impact on my coaching. Whilst it is too soon to tell whether I will become the rider I want to be in the show jumping (although performances so far have been encouraging), I am certainly enjoying my riding more and I genuinely believe that what I am learning from Jenni will have a positive and lasting impact on every area of my life.

G. Dawes

Our first show was today that we booked months ago, he was placed each time. Wouldn’t let me out of his sight! Was an absolute dream, but don’t think I could have done that without you! You definitely helped make today happen!!

Anna H.

Jenni is a woman who exudes confidence and enthusiasm around horses.  She has an absolute passion for horses and gave me total confidence as a slightly nervous mature rider.  Her organisation and planning are meticulous and give enormous reassurance.  Jenni is genuinely interested in getting the best out of people.  She takes time to listen and address any concerns and gives reassurance.

We had a glorious hack in wonderful woodland and the whole experience was simply beautifully calm and one I will cherish.  I would thoroughly recommend Jenni’s personal service and professional expertise.  Thank you very much for a glorious day Jenni – hopefully the first of many.

K. Logan

I can’t recommend Jenni highly enough. The sessions are so informative, it helps you challenge behaviours you have built up so subconsciously over time and believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities. It’s an incredible feeling to be free of your own fears or negativity and begin to enjoy your activities with your horse.

M. Heath

 I can highly recommend Jenni Winter, only one session with her and my lad and I won our class at HOYS and I’m looking forward to a winter of showjumping. Whereas before working with Jenni I was finding reasons to avoid jumping, as I didn’t think I was good enough for my horse as my nerves kicked in at about 80cm. Tonight I was happily jumping 1m with him.


I came to Jenni with a very specific issue I was having in my mind during show jumping, and she dealt with the issue brilliantly. The visualisation tools she has given me have been so helpful, I’m now looking forward to show jumping, instead of dreading it. Highly recommend Jenni, she is very professional, and keeps things fun at the same time. Thank you, Jenni!