Bespoke Group Workshops

Help your team reach their full potential.

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Let Us Help Your Team

After many years of successfully working with a range of Riding Clubs, Equestrian Centres and competitive equestrian teams, we have developed proven techniques that allow all members of the team to work together to achieve their goals. 
By undertaking team coaching and/or ridden clinics you will receive top-class coaching in a fun and sociable environment whilst working both individually and collectively to achieve your team’s shared goals. 
Could your club, group or team benefit from our bespoke techniques?
From a full day’s coaching to a transformative talk or workshop, we are able to help riders of ALL abilities take part in positive confidence and/or performance changes. We offer both mounted and unmounted sessions enabling us to make good use of the facilities you have at hand while exploring the existing relationships you have with your horses in an environment that you are all familiar with. 
Contact us to find out exactly how we could help YOUR team.